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True Bumblebees: Males Queens Workers Nest Comment
Bombus lucorum (White-tailed Bumblebee)
Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed Bumblebee)
B. lucorum/terrestris (White/Buff-tailed)*
Bombus hortorum (Garden Bumblebee)
Bombus ruderatus (Large Garden Bumblebee)
Bombus lapidarius (Red-tailed Bumblebee)
Bombus hypnorum (Tree Bumblebee)
Bombus pratorum (Early Bumblebee)
Bombus pascuorum (Common Carder-bee)
Males Queens Workers Nest Comment
* Use these fields if unable to distinguish Bombus lucorum/terrestris in the field

Cuckoo Bumblebees: Males Females Comment
Bombus barbutellus (Barbut's Cuckoo-bee)
Bombus bohemicus (Gypsy Cuckoo-bee)
Bombus campestris (Field Cuckoo-bee)
Bombus rupestris (Hill Cuckoo-bee)
Bombus sylvestris (Four-coloured Cuckoo-bee)
Bombus vestalis (Vestal Cuckoo-bee)
Males Females Comment

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