Welcome …

… to the home for Bedfordshire’s Young Naturalists – the YounGnats.

The Bedfordshire Natural History Society knows how important and special wildlife is. We all love wildlife and we work together to do what we can to look after it here in Bedfordshire. We spend time out and about throughout the county looking for wildlife and building records of the wildlife that we have seen.

We would like as many people as possible of all ages involved by watching wildlife. Your own back garden is an easy place to start and to help, we have a chart of things to look for. You could help us by becoming a YounGnat. You could help even more by encouraging your friends to become YounGnats, too. 😉

We have several ways to help you explore Bedfordshire’s wildlife. There are suggestions of things you can do with your family and friends, places to visit and we arrange events that you can come along to. Why not ask your parents or grandparents if you can join in?

You might like to try your observation skills by working out what’s in our banner photos.