BNHS Website Survey

This form allows you to submit your opinions on some suggested changes to the website. The changes are:
  1. that topical items be removed from the Home page and a new page be created containing all things topical, in particular:
  2. that the existing top of page links be replaced by Drop-down Menus that give direct access to every live page on the site;
We are particularly interested in the views of those who access the site using devices with small screens.
You can access the example pages using this link.

Please enter your ratings, 1 means you hate it, 100 means its really good.
Leave at 0 if you don't want to set a rating.

Splitting the page like this is a good idea:

The new Home page contains the correct things:

The new Topical page contains the correct things:

The Drop-down menus work well, and are a good idea:

Did you try the Drop-down using a touch screen, if so:

Yes - they didn't work
Yes - they didn't work very well
Yes - they worked well

How did you access the pages?

hardware: screen size in inches: operating system: browser

Comments please: