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The BNHS publishes a Journal, a newsletter and books, all focusing on Bedfordshire Wildlife...
Bedfordshire Naturalist:
The Bedfordshire Naturalist is the society's journal, it is published annually in two parts. Part 1 covers all wildlife other than birds. Part 2 covers only birds.

The editions from 1946 to 1998 are available in our Journals section. The front covers of the most recent edition can be seen HERE.
Wild About Beds:
Wild About Beds is the society's newletter, published three or four times per year. The most-recent editions are available in our Newsletter section.

The Editor welcomes contributions from everyone. Articles are as varied as our members, and cover all aspects of natural history.
Some of our County Recorders are also "publishing" online:

Bedfordshire's Butterflies by Keith Balmer

Lacewings and Allies in Bedfordshire by Melissa Banthorpe

VC30 Moths by Andy & Melissa Banthorpe

Sawflies(Symphyta) of Britain and Ireland by Andrew J Green
The following publications specifically cover Bedfordshire Flora and Fauna. [Yes] = copies available as at 31/12/2018

Wild Orchids of Bedfordshire, (2015). Richard Revels & Chris Boon & Graham Bellamy. 156 pages with hardcover. ISBN 978-0-9506521-9-1.Publisher:BNHS. [Yes]

Flora of Bedfordshire, (2011). Christopher R. Boon & Alan R. Outen. 718 pages with hardcover. ISBN 978-0-9506521-8-4.Publisher:BNHS.

Dragonflies of Bedfordshire, (2004). Steve Cham. 145 pages with hardcover. ISBN 0 9506521 7 2. Publisher:BNHS. [Yes]

A Checklist of the Birds of Bedfordshire, (2001). D.Odell and P.Smith. Publisher:BNHS. [Yes]

Wild Bedfordshire - A photographic record by Richard Revels, with text by Bernard Nau, Richard Revels and Bob Winter, (2000). ISBN: 0950652164. Publisher:BNHS.

The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire, (1997). Arnold, V.W., Baker, C.R.B., Manning, D.V. & Woiwood, I.P. ISBN 0 950 6521 5 6. Publisher:BNHS.

Additions to Microlepidoptera (2003) Manning, D.V.(PDF) since 'The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire' was published.

An Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Bedfordshire, (1994). R.A.Dazley and P.Trodd. Publisher:Castlemead Publications.

The Vertebrate Fauna of Bedfordshire, (2nd Edition 1993). Facsimile copy of original (1897-1901) with addition of Biography of Author and illustrations, edited by R.A.Dazley. ISBN 0 9506521 3 X Publisher:BNHS [No]

The Wild Flowers of Luton, (1991). J.G Dony and C.M.Dony. Publisher:Private.

The Birds of Bedfordshire, (1991). P.Trodd and D.Kramer. ISBN 0 948555 15 7. Publisher:Castlemead Publications.

Bedfordshire Wildlife, (1987). Edited by B.S.Nau, C.R.Boon and J.P.Knowles. ISBN 0-948555-05-X. Publisher:Castlemead Publications/BNHS.

The Common Lichens of Bedfordshire, (1981). Franses B.M. Davies. Publisher:BNHS.

Bedfordshire Bird Atlas, (1979). B.D.Harding. ISBN 09506521 0 5. Publisher:BNHS.

Bedfordshire Plant Atlas, (1976). J.G.Dony. Publisher:Luton Museum.

Dragonflies of Bedfordshire, (1976). Nancy Dawson. Publisher:Private.

Flora of Bedfordshire, (1953). J.G.Dony. Publisher:Luton Museuem.

The Field Flowers of Bedfordshire, (1911). James Saunders. Publisher:Eyre and Spottiswood.

Vertebrate Fauna of Bedfordshire, (1897-1901). J Steele-Elliott. Publisher:Private.

Flora Bedfordiensis, (1798). Charles Abbot. Publisher:Private.