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Decorative picture of a longhorn beetle

The BNHS has its own Newsgroup where you can join others interested in Bedfordshire's wildlife by sharing news and contributing to discussions.

The newsgroup currently has approximately 120 subscribers.

Do not expect County Recorders to extract records from the newsgroup - many do not. To ensure that the records are preserved send them to the appropriate Recorder whose contact details can be found on the Contacts page.
Our group's home page is:

Anyone may read messages sent to the newsgroup, but in order to send messages to the group it is first necessary to have subscribed to it.
To subscribe for free:

send a blank email to
and follow the instructions in the email you will (eventually) receive in response.

Alternatively subscribe via the newsgroup's homepage through which your personal settings can also be controlled.
Our group's email address is:
The newsgroup's moderators are: