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Add Latitude and Longitude to Your Records

Use this simple interface to add WGS84 Latitude and Longitude columns to your records (from OS Grid references). You may find this useful for plotting records using something other than Google Earth. (If you want to plot on Google Earth use this interface instead).

  • The records file supplied must be a tab-separated file.
  • The first row of the file must contain headings for the columns of data.
  • One column heading must be called Gridref. The data in this column must be UK Ordnance Survey grid references. This column can be in any position within the data. Tetrads are supported (even though I dislike them being so imprecise).
  • The output file will be identical to the supplied file but with Latitude, Longitude and Resolution columns added at the end. The latitude and longitude will be for the centre of the Gridref square. (Important - this is NOT the same as the grid reference which is a reference to the WHOLE of the square). The Resolution will be the size of the gridref square in metres, to be used in association with the central point.
  • The output file will be either a tab-separated file (.txt) or a comma-separated file (.csv). The choice is yours.
  • The Filename field will be used to name the output file. It will be called either <Filename>.txt or <Filename>.csv."

Records file:
Output file type: Tab-separated (.txt)      Comma-separated (.csv)
Filename: (The output file will be named <Filename>.txt or <Filename>.csv)

(Press once - the page will change after uploading and computing)
Example Records File Save this to your computer (right-click and select Save Link/Target As...) then supply it as the records file to see how Latitude, Longitude and Resolution are added.

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