Decorative picture of an Elephant Hawk moth

The Society depends on annual subscriptions which are devoted to carrying out it work, as all offices are honorary.

Membership is open to everyone, whether resident in the county or not.

Members receive the annual journal of the society The Bedfordshire Naturalist (published in two volumes) and also the newsletter Wild About Beds which is published three or four times per year.
Rates from 1st Jan 2018:

If you pay by standing order please ensure that you amend your payment to the new rate
RateMembership Category
19.00Ordinary Member
7.00Associate Member (in household of member)
13.00Senior Citizen
8.00Student Member (18 or over - full time)
FREE!Student Member (Under 18)
38.00Corporate Member
6.00Additional Subscription for Bird Club membership per person
To apply for membership:
Return this Application Form with a cheque to join the society.
Gift Aid:

Are you a tax-payer? By simply signing a gift-aid form the society can add 25% to the value of your membership by getting some of your tax back from the Inland Revenue.

HERE is a Word document explaining a bit more and the simple form to complete.

Please help in this way if you can.