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To use: 1) Select a dataset; 2) Select a species. The distribution map will appear on the right. (Internet Explorer may appear to freeze for a few seconds between selections, but is working behind the scenes. Firefox users get a running commentary.

This interface is now running off the new NBN Gateway (version 5) and this is sometimes reluctant to provide grid maps(!) Just keep trying, you'll eventually get one! (It's better than version 4 which completely stopped providing maps(!!))

The data are fetched live from the NBN Gateway which is a web-based database containing over 91 million species records covering the whole of the UK.

The BRMC in partnership with the BNHS has so far uploaded over 1,079,988 of the Society's records, covering 5071 species. These records can be accessed using this simple interface to display species distribution maps. Other datasets will be added when additional upload-agreements and datasets are obtained by the BRMC.

Each dataset has its own finest resolution for public-viewing agreed with each County Recorder or affiliated group. The resolution selector is disabled for finer resolutions than these. Note that records of a coarse resolution (e.g. 10km squares) will not be shown if a finer resolution is selected. For some datasets where many records are just 10km square summaries, it is therefore best to select 10km resolution.

Metadata describing the contents of each dataset are displayed so that you know what they contain.

This interface demonstrates only a fraction of the NBN Gateway's capabilities. Please visit the website to explore what else it can do. The Gateway also contains additional BNHS data that has been loaded through national recording schemes (e.g. for water bugs, dragonflies and macro moths) and also other non-BNHS data for Bedfordshire. These can be found by using the full capabilities of the Gateway...

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