Online recording - privacy statement

Records submitted using the online forms are sent directly to the relevant County Recorder, or to the person(s) running a particular survey.

The forms require the name of at least one observer to be supplied. (Additional observer names are optional). The name(s) of observer(s) form an important piece of a record as part of its provenance and will be retained as part of the record by the County Recorder. If the record is passed to other data collators, such as a local record centre or a national recording scheme, the observer's name(s) will be included.

An email address is also requested on the on-line forms to allow the records in the database to be associated with an email address. This allows the submitter to retrieve and delete their own records and also the County Recorder to contact the submitter if there is a query, or to simply acknowledge the records.

Email addresses are not used for any other purpose and will not be passed to anyone else or to any other organization.

Observer name(s) and email address are not currently verified as part of the form submission process, so if a submitter wishes to supply fictitious name(s) and/or email address they are free to do so. The County Recorder however will not accept a record that comes from a suspicious source and has a bogus email address when the record is acknowledged.

If the forms become subject to abuse, more rigorous record submission mechanisms will be employed, but thankfully these have not yet become necessary.

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